NRA Bans ‘Operational’ Guns At NRA Convention For Security Reasons

You CAN”T make this stuff up!


If you would believe the logic the NRA has used to justify guns everywhere from inside capitol buildings to bars to schools, more guns equal more safety. With that premise, one would think an NRA convention – a place where thousands of gun-owners congregate to buy, sell, and talk weaponry – would be the safest place in the world. The NRA disagrees. In fact, they’d rather you kept your guns at home, please.

The NRA, America’s largest gun lobbying group, is planning to hold its annual convention this week in Nashville. According to planners, over 70,000 proud good guys (and girls) with guns are expected to show up. As always, attendees will hear talks from celebrities, politicians, former Alaskan half-term governors, and gun-rights advocates, while a massive arena will be filled with vendors.

Oddly, the NRA has decided that it wouldn’t feel safe allowing 70,000 people packing heat to mill about. According to local paper The Tennessean, the organization put together a plan that they say will keep people safe – namely, “no guns.”

5 thoughts on “NRA Bans ‘Operational’ Guns At NRA Convention For Security Reasons

  1. Can you imagine the kind of place that can hold 70,000 people? Typically, only stadiums and convention centers in major cities can support such numbers…and nearly all such places have a blanket ban on weapons not carried by law enforcement or qualified security. Because NRA vendors rarely bring merchandise to shows (opting for display items only – each with no firing pin), that isn’t an issue. Is it so hard to believe that the NRA would ask its members to respect the rules and laws of the venue and state wherein their conventions take place? It shouldn’t be. If the NRA was interested in violating gun laws or advocating gun law violation among its members, it wouldn’t be such a large conservative lobby hellbent on getting laws changed.

  2. Obviously you CAN make this shit up! If the writer of this article would bother to include ALL of the facts, it would become painfully clear to all the assholes reading this and believing it to be true, that the article is completely false and misleading!

  3. Actually yes you can make this stuff up, by Shannon Watts of Michael Bloombergs Moms Demand Action is the one who started this lie. Guns are not banned at the convention.

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