Be Brave. Be strong. We WILL go on.

It is easy to imagine biblical Egyptians saying this to themselves after the defeat of their army at the Red Sea. I am fond of referring to the plagues as “Egypt’s 9/11”. It is obviously tough to lose a conflict and people always try to cheer themselves up. After Israel’s 2006 loss to Hizbullah in the Second Lebanon war this vid became a popular “stiff upper lip” rallying cry.

“Be brave, be strong we WILL go on.” from Aaron Freeman on Vimeo.

Sanctions vs. Boycotts

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Mormon Paleo Thought

In a previous post, I discussed the logistical problems with sanctions.  To sum up, they rarely (if ever) accomplish the desired outcome, and are always accompanied by negative, unforeseen consequences.  Trading with countries and maintaining diplomatic ties is a much better way to work towards the prosperity and peace of all nations.

Here, I would like to compare sanctions to boycotts.  While I am strongly opposed to economic sanctions, I am very much in favor of boycotts as a market tool.

One big difference between the two is that governments decide all the particulars related to sanctions, whereas individuals decide all the particulars related to boycotts.  For instance, in the case of sanctions, the government decides the timeframe they will be imposed, the conditions under which they will be imposed, the possibility of repeal, the conditions under which a repeal is possible, etc.  Individuals in a country have marginal (if any) real control over any…

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