twotoneAaron Freeman is a comedian, film maker, director, teacher and and pub radio commentator.  Aaron also tranlsates biblical Hebrew into entertaining vernacular English for synagogues across North America.

Aaron co-wrote and directs the hit stage comedy “The Arab/Israeli Comedy Hour.”  He frequently performs with the famed Second City Theater and is a sought- after humorous speaker across America.

In 1983 Aaron created and performed the runaway hit satire, “Council Wars,” A term that has subsequently become a part of Chicago’s political vocabulary.   For ten years he hosted a popular television talk show “Talking with Aaron Freeman.”  And later hosted and was chief science correspondent for Chicago Public Television’s the science and technology program “Chicago Tomorrow.”

Aaron is well known to Midwestern radio audiences as host/high priest of his acclaimed weekly infofest, “Metropolis.”

Along with long-time friend and collaborator Rob Kolson Aaron created the long-running political/financial comedy “Do the White Thing” and its critically lauded sequel “Gentlemen Prefer Bonds.”

Aaron performs his one man shows “News Today/Comedy Tonight” and “Kosher Chitterlings” for business groups, Jewish groups, colleges, associations and assorted capitalist functions across America.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. hi. im in the midst of compiling an encyclopedia of sorts of fellow african-carribean diasporic jews, so just two questions:
    1-were you born in chicago or kankakee
    2-when did you write “news today” and “kosher chitterlings”

  2. I’m reading your NPR commentary about why you want a physicist to speak at your funeral this weekend as part of the eulogy for my father. It became somewhat of an Internet meme amongst agnostics and atheists (like me), and that’s how I first encountered it. Thank you for writing it so perfectly.

  3. Hi Aaron. I stumbled across your “physicist eulogy” the piece online today. Subsequently my grandmother died about three hours ago. As someone who denies/doubts divine intervention this was just what I needed to read. I don’t know how much of it is yours and how much of it is massacred and altered, but thank you.

    • I am proud to say it’s all mine… I think… there are various copies around but I think they are all accurate. Thanks very much for your kind words. I’m immensely glad my little piece was of some use to you.

  4. It is news because I show it to you. I believe that was the slogan of a short lived news show called IW News in 1982. We should have lunch. –Leonard Borden. Email me at 597lb624gmail.com

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