Are you an addict too?

Started a new Coursera class today, “The Addicted Brain”.  The instructor, prof Michael Kuhar, defines “addiction”  as “repeated behavior that results in distress or has a negative impact.” Among the “addictive” substances we’ll explore is caffeine (aka, “Starbucks!) .  Does caffeine cause distress or have a negative impact in your life?

Does Obama have a drone with his name on it?

Is Assange to famous to kill? What kind of PR campaign would it take to make his assassination acceptable to the western press? Maybe they’ll take him out in the name of women’s rights. “How could we suffer to live a man who may have had sex without a condom?” “The national sexual security of all American women is endangered unless this man is in pieces!”

Or maybe they’ll just claim “intelligence” that Assange has “gone beyond reporting to helping plan attacks” against the US. Of course it’s nonsense but it was good enough to get away with killing Anwar Awlaki and his 16 year old son and they were US citizens!