A few quick facts about attacking Syria


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

“If you’re not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

The US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have partnered in clandestinely creating and arming insurgent, anti-government forces since at least the Nicaraguan contras of the 1980’s.    POTUS Reagan and his DCI  William Casey also worked with the KSA to bring money, fighters, weapons and training to Afghan mujahideen fighting the Soviet-installed government of Afghanistan.  Many of the Al Qaeda camps bombed by the US were paid for by US taxpayers  

The Prince Sultan Air Base in the KSA was the reason given by UBL for waging war against “The Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Mosques“.  The US then moved its middle east military HQ (CENTCOM) to Doha Qatar.  Qatar was US home base for invading Iraq in 2003 the staging ground and pocket book for the Libya invasion.

The US, Britain, Qatar and the KSA have been paying for, training and arming the Syrian “rebels” since at least 2011Various US officials have said that the use of “chemical weapons” by the Syrian government was a “red line”.  There is no evidence that the Syrian government did but it is undeniable that the US and Israel used chemical weapons against civilians in Fallujah, Iraq and against schools and hospitals in Gaza.  Hence, US “crocodile outrage” is at best, ironic.

Donald Rumsfeld calls Obama’s rationale for war on Syria, “mindless“.  There is also the minor fact that even supporters of attacking Syria admit it would be illegal.

The invasion of Afghanistan has created Taliban fighting forces so potent that they have successfully, repeatedly attacked the CIA, even its HQ in the “heavily fortified Green Zone in Kabul.  They have also forced the Obama admin to sue for peace  to avoid having to fight their way through the Kyber Pass.  (In 1943 16000 British soldiers and dependents left Kabul for Pakistan, 1 arrived alive.)

US  invasion of Iraq led to the partition of the country and the birth of Al Qaeda of Iraq.  The invasion of Libya led to the establishment of the first AQ country Azawad

There is also the obvious fact that every excuse for war we’ve ever been given over the last fifty years was at best inaccurate when not flat-out fabricated.

But aside from that, attacking Syria is a GREAT idea!

US Strike on Syria: No Hard Evidence, Insincere, Illegal

Oh yeah, law, what a concept!

What's Left

By Stephen Gowans

Political scientist Ian Hurd, writing in the New York Times, scotches the misconception that there is a legal basis for a US attack on Syria. Because Syria does not belong to international conventions prohibiting the use of chemical weapons, there is no “legal justification in existing law” for US military action, Hurd writes. Even if Syria had signed onto these conventions, the treaties are enforceable only by the United Nations Security Council, and not by the United States acting unilaterally or with allies. Indeed, an attack on Syria would be illegal. [1]

Without a legal basis for military action, Washington and its British and French allies have invoked a moral imperative. British prime minister David Cameron says that planned military action “is about chemical weapons. Their use is wrong and the world shouldn’t stand idly by.” However, the Washington Post’s Walter Pincus reminds us that, “In the…

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