#GMO Mosquitos abort offspring AFTER they hatch


Every year, mosquitoes infect 400 million people with dengue fever, causing severe headaches and joint pain. Since a 2009 outbreak in Key West, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has spent $1 million a year to try to curb the primary vector: Aedes aegypti. Last July, another mosquito-borne virus reached U.S. shores: chikungunya. Now officials are considering a radical—and highly controversial—approach to control the spread of tropical disease: genetically modified mosquitoes. http://www.popsci.com/mosquitoes-designed-self-destruct.

Gay Marriage Is Legal but Abortion Is Still a Crime in Ireland — Even in Rape or Incest Cases

This makes sense to me.  Abortion is a much more morally complex issue.abortion

At 16 weeks into her pregnancy, Lily, 35, found out that her baby had a fatal fetal abnormality and — once born — would survive only hours outside the womb.

“We really wanted the baby,” she told VICE News, recalling how “shell-shocked” the discovery made her.

Unluckily for Lily she was living in Ireland, where abortion — in almost every situation — is considered a crime. She was given the opportunity to either carry the baby to term, or to travel to an NHS hospital in the UK to have an early induction. “I think I was quite shocked at that point to know that that couldn’t be dealt with in my own maternity hospital here. It’s the worst possible news you can get. Devastating,” she told VICE News.  more