Camp Jihad? – a little more from the latest edition the IS online mag “Dabiq” #isis #isil

I LOVE this picture.  Happy, heavily armed young men joining their brethren from across the globe in a noble battle to conquer evil and create a better world!

JihadCampThe copy ain’t half bad either…

“The Khalīfah (hafidhahullāh) said, “O Muslims everywhere, glad tidings to you and expect good. Raise your heads high, for today – by Allah’s grace – you have a state and khilāfah, which will return your dignity, might, rights, and leadership. It is a state where the Arab and non-Arab, the white man and black man, the easterner and westerner are all brothers. It is a khilāfah that gathered the Caucasian, Indian, Chinese, Shāmī, Iraqi, Yemeni, Egyptian, Maghribī (North African), American, French, German, and Australian. Allah brought their hearts together, and thus, they became brothers by His grace, loving each other for the sake of Allah, standing in a single trench, defending and guarding each other, and sacrificing themselves for one another. ”

Don’t get me wrong.  I oppose this movement and think it should be stopped. But I respect their excellent marketing skills. This is from edition #8 which you can get here.  You can read them all at

Not about religion – Why ISIL Beheads Its Victims – Robert A. Pape

Dr. Pape has done more research about suicide terrorism than anyone I’ve ever read. “A Sunni militant group, ISIL primarily seeks to establish de facto sovereignty for Sunnis in territories in Iraq and Syria. To achieve this, the group is trying to rout the Shia-led Iraqi and Syrian governments who claim sovereignty over Sunni territories, and end what they believe to be an illegitimate occupation of Sunni territory.”

Why ISIL Beheads Its Victims - Robert A. Pape and Michael Rowley and Sarah Morell - POLITICO Magazine

via Why ISIL Beheads Its Victims – Robert A. Pape and Michael Rowley and Sarah Morell – POLITICO Magazine.