President Putin, part one – Videos – CBS News

Whatever your (western propaganda) view of Uncle Vlad, this is a great interview wherein he once again shows why he is so incredibly popular in Russia and formidable in the world.  Bully for him!


At a time of icy relations with the U.S., Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a rare – and surprising – interview to 60 Minutes. Charlie Rose reports.

Source: President Putin, part one – Videos – CBS News

European Views of Roma, Muslims, Jews


Many people in the seven European Union nations surveyed express negative views about minority groups in their country. In particular, negative attitudes toward Roma (sometimes also known as Gypsies) are common, while many also give Muslims unfavorable ratings. Negative attitudes toward Jews are less pervasive, although substantial minorities express an unfavorable opinion about Jews as well, especially in Greece where nearly half the public hold this view. Negative sentiments about all three groups are consistently more common among people on the ideological right.

Roma Slave Sale Poster


Between the few years of Egyptian slavery and the couple decades of American it’s easy for me as Jew of color to forget that we are not even close to the being slavery’s sole sufferers. The Roma – or do you say Gypsy – people are currently the most despised minority in Europe today. And were enslaved in Romania for 500 years.  

poster credit: Our Romani History Website

The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe’s Most Hated – YouTube

This is probably too long (17 mins) for you to watch but I’m sure you know what a problem Roma immigration in Europe is.  The horrible thing is, in the case of the Roma my heart is with the right wingers.  I have HUGE anti-Roma prejudices.  I’ve watched their kids pick pockets outside the Louvre, seen their filthy neighborhoods in London and watched a lot of biased TV news.  I don’t justify my prejudice for a moment (intellectually) but if I lived in Europe they’d be #1 on my list of despised minorities.  Shame, shame, shame on me.  

Am I the only admitted antiRoma-ite you know?

The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe’s Most Hated – YouTube.

‘Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq’: Top Putin quotes at youth forum

Vladimir Putin has criticized Washington’s unilateral actions on the international arena, saying that whatever it touches seems to be turning into Libya or Iraq. Below are the top 10 quotes from the Russian President’s speech at the Seliger youth forum.

‘Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq’


Unilateral decisions made outside the United Nations are usually doomed to failure, Putin said Friday, while speaking at the “Seliger-2014” annual youth forum.

Do you remember the joke: ‘Whatever Russians make, they always end up with a Kalashnikov?’ I get an impression that whatever Americans touch they always end up with Libya or Iraq,” Putin told the participants of the 10th forum held on Lake Seliger in Tver region, some 370 km north of Moscow.

When decisions are made unilaterally, they always turn out to be short lived. And the other way round: it’s difficult to reach consensus at the UN because often opposite opinions and positions collide. But that is the only way to achieve long-term decisions,” he said.

When a decision is balanced and supported by key members of the international community, Putin said, everyone starts working in order fulfill it perfectly.

‘UN won’t be needed if it serves only US and its allies’

Putin totally disagreed that the UN is inefficient. But the organization needs to be reformed and its instruments should be used efficiently.

The reform should become a result of a consensus reached by the overwhelming majority of the members of the organization, he said.

It is also necessary to preserve the fundamental grounds of the UN’s efficiency. In particular, only the Security Council should have the power to make decision on sanctions and the use of military force, Putin said. And these decisions must be obligatory for everyone. Such mechanisms should not be eroded. “Otherwise the UN will turn into the League of Nations,” the Russian President said.

The organization will lose its purpose if it is only an “instrument to serve foreign policy interests of only one country – in this case the US and its allies,” Putin. “Then it is not needed.”

‘Shelling in Ukraine reminiscent of WWII’

Putin compared the shelling of east Ukrainian towns and cities by Kiev army to actions by the Nazi forces during the World War Two.

Sad as it might seem, this reminds me of the events of World War II, when the German Nazi troops surrounded our cities, like Leningrad, and directly shelled those cities and their residents,” Putin said.

Why they (Kiev) call this a military-humanitarian operation?” he said, adding that the conflicting sides should get to a negotiating table.

‘If these are European values, I’m badly disappointed’

Ukrainians who did not support the coup mounted by “our western partners” with the backing of radical nationalists, are being suppressed by the military force, Putin said speaking about the situation in the neighboring state.

We’re no fools. We saw symbolic cookies handed out on [by Victoria Nuland] Maidan, information support, political support. What that means? A full involvement of the US and European nations into the process of the power change: a violent unconstitutional power change.”

And the part of the country that disagreed with that is being suppressed with the use of jets, artillery, multiple launch systems and tanks,” Putin said. “If these are today’s European values – I’m gravely disappointed.”

‘Russia didn’t annex Crimea, but protected it’

Putin said that Russia did not “annex” Crimea, as the peninsula’s reunion with Russia is often described by foreign media and politicians.

We didn’t not annex it, we didn’t take it away. We gave people an opportunity to have their say and make a decision, which we took with respect. We protected them, I believe.”

We had to protect our compatriots, who live there (in Crimea). When we look at events in Donbass, Lugansk, Odessa, it becomes clear to us what would have happened to Crimea if we had not taken measures to provide free expression of will to people.”

‘Russia to beef up nuclear deterrence potential’

Russia is going to boost its military forces and nuclear deterrence potential, Putin told the youth forum.

Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear states. It’s not words, it is the reality,” he said. “We are strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces, we are strengthening our armed forces…We are beefing up our potential and will continue doing so.”

This is being done “not to threaten anyone, “but to feel secure,” he added.

‘Russia is not going to get involved in large-scale conflicts’

Russia will not get engaged in any large conflicts, but will defend itself in case of aggression, Putin warned.

Russia is far from getting involved any large-scale conflicts. We don’t want that and we are not going to do it. And, naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression against Russia,” Putin said.

‘Better not to mess with Russia’

Our partners – whatever condition their countries are in and whatever foreign policy concept they adhere to – should understand that it’s better not to mess with us,” Putin said. “Thank God, I believe it doesn’t occur to anyone to unleash a large-scale conflict with Russia.”

‘Russia will seek acceptable compromises on Arctic’

Russia admits that other states have their interests in the Arctic – the region that is thought to contain vast reserves of oil and gas.

Both Russia and Canada, who along with the US, Norway and Denmark constitute the five states with Polar claims, have made legal attempts to secure their rights to large swathes of the Arctic, which is thought to contain 15 percent of the oil reserves and 30 percent of all natural gas in the world.

We will take the interests of these states into consideration and seek acceptable compromises,” Putin said, adding that Russia would “naturally” also defend its own interests.

The five Arctic states – Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Russia and the US – have for several years now been in a bitter dispute over how to divide up this resource-rich ‘pie’.

‘Crimea recognition will be long and tedious’

It will take a long while for Crimea to be internationally recognizes as part of Russia, Putin believes.

He said he finds it “strange” and referred to an example with the recognition of Kosovo independence where a political will and desire were enough to make such a decision “easily.

He also recalled that in case with Kosovo, no referendum was held: the decision on independence was made by the parliament of the Serbian breakaway republic. In the situation with Crimea, there was both a decision by the parliament and a referendum. In Putin’s view, the latter was a more democratic way for a nation’s self-determination.


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T Hoang 29.08.2014 21:14

The U.S. and the U.K. are masters at destabilizing nations. Let’s face it, if your job is to sell arms it’s hard to do so if every one gets along. With the U.S. record of invading other country, who the heck are they to tell any other nation it is wrong to invade. U.S. tactic is laughable.


Annie Blackmore 29.08.2014 21:08

Bill Esslemont 29.08.2014 20:49

. Why are they so destructive?


There is an interesting theory about this question. The USA are not the only destructive and extremely aggressive country – there is also Israel. Both are living on stolen land. Living on stolen land makes people feel insecure. I don’t know, if this is right, but it sounds logical.


Rafael 29.08.2014 21:03

Bill Esslemont 29.08.2014 20:49

Why are they so destructive?


13th tribe in charge & they seem to follow Dulles Doctrine, as well Wolfowitz Doctrine. Some think sparking a thermonuclear war with Russia will get them a place in Heaven, Psychopaths must be put to sleep!

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Even “Fascists” Deserve Some Love


If the new coach of your favorite team has a pro-Mussolini tattoo on his bicep and is known for giving the straight-arm, palm down fascist salute, you could be forgiven if your “spidey senses” tingle. Never mind that is how we used to salute the American flag. Paolo di Canio is the new coach of the struggling UK football club, Sunderland United, and an accused fascist and racist. He admits to admiration for El Duce, but also calls the WWII Italian leader dishonest.  Di Canio defends himself against charges of racism by pointing out that some of his best friends are black.

Former Alabama governor George Wallace was, in his day, a poster child for the reptillian brain.  But as an older, sicker man he completely abandoned his segregationist past. Remembering him I can not help but believe that yesterday’s or even today’s political positions are not the end of somebody’s story.  It would not be useful to judge the whole of my politics because I like Ronald Reagan. I at least have the decency to feel guilty about it.  I am inclined to trust what di Canio says of his own heart if for no other reason than that’s what the person I want to be would do.  But also I am moved by the pictures of his intimacy with black players. Those pictures say to me that whatever his political opinions, and lord knows we all have some odd ones, he’s doesn’t dislike people solely based on superficial characteristics. That for me is enough cut a brother slack, especially if he wins.

via ‘Can He Win?’ Trumps ‘Is He a Fascist?’ –