Biracial Beauty Queen Called “Not Japanese Enough”


Tokyo (CNN)A biracial beauty queen in Japan is facing criticism for not being Japanese enough.

Half-Japanese and half African-American, Miss Nagasaki Ariana Miyamoto is the first-ever mixed-race Miss Universe Japan.

Some say she doesn’t represent Japan’s demographic, while others champion the model, proud that she is overcoming racial hurdles and helping to expand the definition of what it means to be Japanese.

But changing perceptions here can be an uphill struggle. In a culture that typically prefers pale — where “pure Japanese” white skin is considered a symbol of beauty — the darker skinned Miyamoto’s crowning last week was a revolution on the runway.

Said the blade of grass to the autumn leaf Khalil GIbran

Said a blade of grass to an autumn leaf, “You make such a noise falling! You scatter all my winter dreams.”

Said the leaf indignant, “Low-born and low-dwelling! Songless, peevish thing! You live not in the upper air and you cannot tell the sound of singing.”

Then the autumn leaf lay down upon the earth and slept. And when spring came she waked again — and she was a blade of grass.

And when it was autumn and her winter sleep was upon her, and above her through all the air the leaves were falling, she muttered to herself, “O these autumn leaves! They make such a noise! They scatter all my winter dreams.”

Sir-Jo – Sneaker Artist!

Maybe I need to get out more but this is the first Afro-Dutch accent I’ve ever heard.

I work monthly with the Second City’s REACH company.  It is pert of the theater’s long-standing commitment to developing diverse talent.  What I am getting from working with modern talent of color is that the limits for what audiences will accept as “black” are broader than ever.  Audiences do not expect ALL black comics to swear or tell tales of ‘da hood’ and sometimes groan at obvious, old “cp time” or basketball jokes.

The world is so  much odder and more interesting these days!