Geospatial Intelligence & the Geospatial Revolution

GeoInt uses who, where and when we are to help us decide what to do. Google maps, cell phone tracking, satellite imagery are not just for the NSA anymore!Coursera geoint 2015


Poll: Scientists and public differ on what’s ‘dangerous’


My buds at Monsanto like to point out that people worldwide have been eating and digesting transgenetically modified foods 24/7 for more than two decades without so much as a documented headache.

US responsible for two-thirds of all military conflicts – Russia’s top brass — RT News


More than 40 ships and submarines representing 15 international partner nations travel in formation in the Pacific Ocean during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2014 exercise in this U.S. Navy photo taken July 25, 2014. (Reuters/U.S. Navy)

US interference in the internal affairs of countries around the world has brought neither peace, nor democracy, said Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister. America’s double standard experiments in supporting terrorists are provoking further destabilization.

“Think of it, over the last decades the US initiated two-thirds of all military conflicts (worldwide). Call to memory, how it all turned out in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria,” Russia’s deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said, addressing colleagues from the Southern and Southeast Asian states in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

“Using social and economic difficulties, various ethnical and religious conflicts and under the pretext of spreading democracy, Western political spin masters add populist slogans to the fire of public discontent, provoking mass disturbances,” he said. “As a result, a lawful government is taken down, chaos, abuse of power and lawlessness spread, people die, and in some cases a regime favorable to the West is brought into power. Of course, terrorists feel comfortable in such conditions.”

Bay Area activists declare victory after Israeli carrier cancels all ships

The BDS movement seems be gaining steam in lots of places.  Nonviolent, principled and on the move.  What’s not to congratulate?

On 28 October, San Francisco Bay Area activists organizing to block the unloading of Israeli shipping vessels declared their most significant victory yet: Israel’s Zim Integrated Shipping Services appears to have cancelled all future shipments to the Oakland Port.

This past summer, at the peak of Israel’s brutal bombardment of Gaza, the Bay Area’s Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) mobilized the community in response to the military assault. Deciding to focus on a tangible, highly-visible and big-money target, the group set its sights on Israel’s Zim lines, determined to block the company every time it tried to dock a ship at the busy Port of Oakland.

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Roma Slave Sale Poster


Between the few years of Egyptian slavery and the couple decades of American it’s easy for me as Jew of color to forget that we are not even close to the being slavery’s sole sufferers. The Roma – or do you say Gypsy – people are currently the most despised minority in Europe today. And were enslaved in Romania for 500 years.  

poster credit: Our Romani History Website

The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe’s Most Hated – YouTube

This is probably too long (17 mins) for you to watch but I’m sure you know what a problem Roma immigration in Europe is.  The horrible thing is, in the case of the Roma my heart is with the right wingers.  I have HUGE anti-Roma prejudices.  I’ve watched their kids pick pockets outside the Louvre, seen their filthy neighborhoods in London and watched a lot of biased TV news.  I don’t justify my prejudice for a moment (intellectually) but if I lived in Europe they’d be #1 on my list of despised minorities.  Shame, shame, shame on me.  

Am I the only admitted antiRoma-ite you know?

The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe’s Most Hated – YouTube.