#GMO Mosquitos abort offspring AFTER they hatch


Every year, mosquitoes infect 400 million people with dengue fever, causing severe headaches and joint pain. Since a 2009 outbreak in Key West, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has spent $1 million a year to try to curb the primary vector: Aedes aegypti. Last July, another mosquito-borne virus reached U.S. shores: chikungunya. Now officials are considering a radical—and highly controversial—approach to control the spread of tropical disease: genetically modified mosquitoes. http://www.popsci.com/mosquitoes-designed-self-destruct.

Homosexual Necrophilia Among Ducks

Now that I have your attention let me assure you this is a real, scientifically documented phenomenon.  We just got a brace of ducks (which, unlike chickens are not specifically banned where we live in Highland Park, IL) and were a bit concerned about drake rape  but this research takes avian kink to a whole new level.

Female hyenas are bigger, more muscular, more aggressive and secrete more testosterone than the males.  That’s worth a diorama!

Chicago’s Field Museum is turning to a crowdfunding website to raise money to build its first classic animal diorama in more than 20 years about hyenas.

The Field Museum announced its Indiegogo campaign on Monday as it tries to raise $170,000 in 30 days. The money will be used to create a diorama featuring striped hyenas in the museum’s Hall of Asian Mammals.

The hyenas were originally made by pioneering taxidermist Carl Akeley. They came to the museum after an expedition in 1896 and were mounted and displayed. They’ve been living in the museum’s Reptile Hall for decades. Museum officials say the new diorama will give them new surrounding with other mammals.

The museum is offering different perks for donations at different donation levels on the crowdfunding website.