Depressive disorders are the 2nd leading cause of disability worldwide. It’s time to get serious about the search for a cure.

Robert Sapolsky calls depression “the real meat and potatoes of human suffering.”

Nikita Talks Depression


This is a snapshot from one of my readings for a grant proposal I’m writing as a class assignment. It’s just a glimpse of the extent to which depression research needs improvement.

According to Global Burden of Disease (GBD) studies, in 2010 depressive disorders became the 2nd leading cause of disability worldwide. In 2000 it was 3rd, and in 1990 it was 4th. Depression is on the rise everywhere. Yet despite how very common depressive disorders are, depression research and awareness as well as the field of psychiatry are horrendously behind to the point of being embarrassingly pathetic. These disorders are extremely misunderstood, shrouded in stigma, and not talked about nearly enough. The vast majority of people including those who have never experienced depression, those who have, and even many (or most) mental health professionals (with good intentions) continually perpetuate misunderstanding with the ingrained idea…

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