Meet the Black Marine Vet Who’s Speaking Out Against #BlackLivesMatter

Cornell West this guy ain’t.  A whole lot of what he says seems to me egregious nonsense.   But I take from this interview that the rhetorical utility of #blacklivesmatter as a slogan is rapidly coming to an end.  It crumbles in the face of “lives matter”.

For anyone familiar with how hard ball politics is played it’s easy to believe that some of the more odious chants at blm rallies, “fry ’em”, “pigs in a blanket”, etc, are being shouted by “false flag” plants working for the FBI, Tea Party,  FoxNews or the Koch brothers.  I readily acknowledge blm has served a useful role since Ferguson in rallying and focusing the energy and online attention of people outraged by the killings of Michael Brown and others.  But it looks like the slogan’s 15 minutes are about up.  The rallying cry “livesmatter” necessarily includes our darker ones and that, sez me, is the best way forward.

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