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The Cultural Cognition Project is a group of scholars interested in studying how cultural values shape public risk perceptions and related policy beliefs. Cultural cognition refers to the tendency of individuals to conform their beliefs about disputed matters of fact (e.g., whether global warming is a serious threat; whether the death penalty deters murder; whether gun control makes society more safe or less) to values that define their cultural identities. Project members are using the methods of various disciplines — including social psychology, anthropology, communications, and political science — to chart the impact of this phenomenon and to identify the mechanisms through which it operates. The Project also has an explicit normative objective: to identify processes of democratic decisionmaking by which society can resolve culturally grounded differences in belief in a manner that is both congenial to persons of diverse cultural outlooks and consistent with sound public policymaking.


3 thoughts on “cultural cognition project – home

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something so likely to fail and with no fanfare at all. They’re talking about people who will sign a petition to stop the ‘government’ from putting dihydrous oxide in the drinking water.

    • I think they are trying to UNDERSTAND how people’s “gut” aversion to ingesting “chemicals” makes them afraid of “dihydrous oxide” without even thinking about what is it. I think the Yale project itself is pretty well funded and Dan Kahan, it’s director is very popular and well-respected amongst the academic types. What makes you think the research will fail?

      • You do know the simple answer to how people think that way, right? Look at a bell curve of intelligence, half of everyone is below average. Most of those above average line aren’t trying to be at the top end of the curve. People are, for the most part, not smart.

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