Pope Francis to the Koch Brothers: Bring it – BNR


It’s one thing to pick on poor people. They don’t have lobbyists. It’s another thing to abuse the earth in the name of self-interest. Defenders of the planet are significantly outgunned compared to corporate interests.

But now, the billionaire Koch brothers have the attention of Pope Francis, who has put income inequality and climate change among his top priorities since assuming the papacy in March 2013.

While some Republicans are totally down with the parts of Catholicism that focus on abortion, sex, and LGBTs, the parts about spreading the wealth and tending to the creator’s water, air, and land send them into spasms of chin-stroking and head-scratching with occasional bouts of paranoid delusion.

Read more: http://bluenationreview.com/pope-francis-to-koch-brothers-bring-it/#ixzz3ZOtYkOS5


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