9 May is Europe Day – Centuries of European wars ended and a new era of prosperity began!

From 1337 until 1945 the various European powers were pretty much in a constant state of war.  During that time millions over many generations struggled and planned and supported the antiwar movement among them Emmanuel Kant in his famous essay “Perpetual Peace“.  On 9 May 1950 French statesman Robert Schuman proposed the European Coal and Steel Community It would place the French-German production of coal and steel under a common High Authority, within an organization open to the participation of the other European countries. The Schuman Plan led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which is at the origin of the current European Union.  The EU has brought Europe not calm but cash too!

Since 9 May 1951 the European nations that had fought each other for so long have not fired so much as a spitball at each other.  They now attack each other with brutal memos and vicious committee meetings.


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