Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza

On the 6 anniversary of Israel’s breaking its lull agreement with Hamas Amnesty International accuses it of international war crimes in its most recent Gaza attacks. Saying “Israeli bombs wiped out entire families.”

© Amnesty International
05 NOV 2014
Israeli air strikes during Israel’s recent military operation in the Gaza Strip, Operation Protective Edge, targeted inhabited multistorey family homes. Whole families, including many women and children, were killed or injured by these targeted strikes and, in addition, there was extensive destruction of civilian property.

These attacks were carried out in the context of a 50-day conflict, from 8 July until 26 August, in which the scale of destruction, damage, death and injury to Palestinian civilians, homes and infrastructure was appalling. At the same time, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired thousands of indiscriminate rockets and mortar rounds into civilian areas of Israel.

In this report Amnesty International examines targeted Israeli attacks carried out on inhabited civilian homes in the light of Israel’s obligations under international humanitarian law, specifically the rules on the conduct of hostilities. It does so by focusing on eight cases, in which targeted Israeli attacks resulted in the deaths of at least 111 people, of whom at least 104 were civilians, including entire families, and destroyed civilian homes. In all the cases documented in this report, there was a failure to take necessary precautions to avoid excessive harm to civilians and civilian property, as required by international humanitarian law. In all cases, no prior warning was given to the civilian residents to allow them to escape. more


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