New video shows US police shot black man 45 times like ‘firing squad’

49 year-old Milton Hall was shot 45 times in 6 seconds by police in Saginaw, Michigan. He did have a pen knife so I guess the 8 officers felt threatened.  I keep telling myself I don’t want to see this kind of stuff.  My personal world is, so far as I can tell, exceedingly post-racial.  I live a luxurious life that oozes blessings.  The kinds of things that happen to “those other” black people are almost impossible for me to imagine true. Then I see stuff like this.  Incidents like this are obviously rare.  But they so upset me that I rush to blog about them.  “If it bleeds it leads me to post.”  I guess I don’t REALLY want my head in the sand… but it’s such nice, warm,  soft sand…


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