Killing the leader didn’t work for the Romans but it will for US…?

Since the killing of Osama Bin Laden Al Qaeda has established it’s own (unrecognized by the west) country in northern Mali, Azawad.  In Afghanistan the anti-US force are stronger than ever.  Jenna Jordan is a researcher at the University of Chicago with the school’s CPOST project. In the lecture she discusses the findings of her doctoral theses on the effectiveness of “decapitation” the killing of the leaders of subnational groups on the longevity and effectiveness of their organizations.  HINT: AQ is fine without UBL. The obvious implication is – maybe try something with a reasonable chance of success?


9 thoughts on “Killing the leader didn’t work for the Romans but it will for US…?

  1. I believe you can’t kill an ideology that is accepted by thousands or more by killing it’s leader, it is the ideology that needs destroyed not the people advocate it. of course without supporters an ideology has no threat or benefit to anyone.

      • well i advocate a change in heart of all people, the problem is many people do not know or agree what those changes will be and many will not want to change especially if they have positions of wealth and power over others, it will take devine intervention (aka God’s kingdom which thousands have prayed for over hundreds of years, let your kingdom come let your will take place on earth as in heaven)many utter this but do not think about what it means, if you sincerely desire for this pray to be fulfilled it literally means all wicked people will be destroyed, all governments and supporters too (dan 2:44 revelation 19) and only those who are willing and actually put forth the effort to change thier heart condition to one that is in harmony with God’s will (jesus showed what that is too by how he taught and lived)will be allowed to survive, remember noah, why did he survive and millions did not?

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