Guns Don’t Protect People – Code Does


In principle the NRA is right, if only they lived in this century. We need to protect ourselves against the government. Obama signed the NDAA which acknowledges no American constitutional rights at all. He asserts the authority to execute any US citizen anywhere in the country without trial or even charge. And he is on the liberal side of the rights debate.

The NRA recognizes the need for protection but organizes as if your trusty double-barrel shotgun will intimidate a drone. Not the whole Matrix arsenal can stand up to the precision and firepower of the US government. A million round ammo clip will make it easier for the thermal sensors of MQ-9 Reaper to target a Hellfire missile on your ass.

Guns don’t stop governments, code does. If they really cared about the spirit of the second amendment, Wayne LaPierre and his money boys would found the National Code Association. While the deadly technology of the Pentagon has devastated nations, it’s never cracked Wikileaks code. The most powerful software and media companies on earth, powered by piles of money high enough to touch the space station have not succeeded in bringing down the Pirate Bay. To be blunt, these guys ain’t so tough.

With code, Iran has take control of and successfully landed untold numbers of US spy drones. Recently, when the Pentagon asked for its drone back, the Iranian government responded by returning the most important piece of the plane: they posted the drone’s video surveillance recordings, which their coders had decrypted, on YouTube.

Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg are encouraging everyone to learn to write code. They don’t promote it as defense against a malicious government but as the new superpower. With code, Larry Page and Sergey Brinn made algorithms that put virtually all the information on earth in each of our pockets. With good enough code you can make yourself look, to a surveillance camera, like a five year old or, with great code, like a gust of wind. With code no better than the Iranians have now, you can take control of one of the drones soon to encircle us, send it to spy on your prefered expressway and alert you to any cops. Heck, you can make it pick-up your laundry.

Of course, the NRA won’t embrace code as the 21st century anti-government defense because their ideology is rooted in 20th century cowboy fantasies. They will keep on bellowing that freedom comes from the barrel of a musket. Someone should keep an eye on this armed band of troglodytes.

When I finish my coding class I’ll hijack a fleet of drones for the job.

Iran Shows Decoded Video from Captured American Drone –


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