“Come On, Everybody’s Supporting The War!”

Google-searching members of the reality-based community have spent a good twelve years screeching, “This is egregious poppycock! How could any carbon-based life form have been fooled”?  We say that to ourselves since most of our friends bored of our Iraq-raging years ago and quit answering our calls.  We say the same about the Iran “There is NO EVIDENCE yet people believe the same knuckleheads who be proven wrong for decades! How can this happen”?

Grownups know how.  The know that it ain’t facts ‘n figgers that move the masses, its the crowd.

Asch Conformity Experiment (2/2) – YouTube.

Occupy The Cage! – Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay

Chimps don’t want to be chumps and even a monkey can tell right from wrong.  This classic experiment demonstrates that a sense of justice is older and broader than the European enlightenment.     The lecturer is rockstar evolutionary biologist Franz de Waal and the experiment was supervised by Dr. Sarah Brosnan

In humans injustice lights up a part of the brain called the anterior insular cortex (insula). It was once thought that only higher apes like us had brains like ours.  But as Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”  Scientists at the Max Planck institute just discovered that monkeys have the same insula neurons as us.  We used to think the use of tools made us human.  When Jane Goodall saw a chimp modify a stick to fit into an ant hole then use it to pull out ants for food she said it meant we either had to redefine man, redefine tool or admit that chimpanzees are human.  What then is our reaction to the monkey sense of economic injustice?

Male Affection in Vintage Photos

Can you imagine the stones it took back in the day for a man to create a record of himself and his boyfriends?  While it is absolutely true that nothing is visible in these photos save affection, I think you have to beat your imagination with a sledge hammer to not recognize these boys as gay.

Male Affection in Vintage Photos 

Lisa Ann Interview – Getting Levi’s Johnson – YouTube

Lisa Ann is a woman of few words, at least few words that include consonants.  A self-described “mattress actress”, nobody hires Lisa Ann for the great stuff that comes OUT of her mouth.  But in this clip I find what she says irresistible.   She talks about playing “Serra Paylin” in a series of porn parodies satirizing a certain former Alaska governor, and how it “broke the wall. ” The parody, “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” got a good amount of attention and for what it is, has made OK money.  Lisa Ann says it allowed people to see her not a “just a porn star” but someone interesting, with stuff to say and contributions to make to politics and the broader culture… who just happens to be a porn star.  She seems sweet, nice, vulnerable and very, very human.  Hardly like that former Republican candidate at all.

via Lisa Ann Interview – Getting Levi\’s Johnson – YouTube.