Milton Friedman – Case Against Equal Pay for Equal Work – YouTube

Professor Friedman was the Ricky Gervais of economics. He was a fountain of one-liners, of the right-wing kind.  “If you put the Federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” “Inflation is taxation without legislation.” “Nothing is as permanent as a temporary government program.”

Two things strike me about this clip:

1)Friedman’s volcanic glee at saying provocative stuff.

2) His assertion that South African Apartheid was caused by the insistance of South African trade unions on equal pay for equal work is flat-out inaccurate.  I’m of course not saying that it’s the thirteenth chime of the clock – the one that calls into question not only itself but all that’s gone before.  It but interesting to note that so learned and smart a guy as Uncle Miltie, ain’t perfect.

Nonetheless he seems to have a perfectly grand time in this vid.


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