James D. Fearon: Anarchy is a Choice: International Politics

“That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh we like it!” – Professor Fearon basically argues that the big western powers need anarchy in the world to prevent democracy.  The pols and the banks who own them know the numbers.  There are way more poor brown rabble on earth than pale penis people.  If the ragamuffins get calm and start feeling secure they will inevitably start questioning the system and demand a more equitable distribution of the worlds resources.  THAT can not happen.  So the US and its alies start wars to facilitate their gobbling up of money, resources and the routes to them.

In 1996 professor Fearon and Prof. David Laitin co-authored a study of inter-ethnic cooperation in post colonial Africa and post-Soviet eastern Europe.  They showed that following rituals of reconciliation cessations of violence continued in 64% of the civil conflicts studied as as opposed to a 9% rate of violence cessation without rituals.

James D. Fearon: Anarchy is a Choice: International Politics.


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