Damn You Infor-f**king-mation! – An agnostic Jew/w two psych degrees reads the Quran and says we’ve been misled.

If there is one thing I know about the Quran, maybe the first thing I ever learned about it – it teaches that when martyrs go to heaven they get 72 virgins. The joke is the 9/11 hijackers get to heaven and only as they are getting their butts kicked by Thomas Jefferson, Sam Houston and Robert E. Lee, do they realize they’d gotten 72 Virginians.  72 virgins is joke gold – “I want 72 hookers”!  “72 virgins dating service, relationships are up to you, we just arrange the meetings”.  Great stuff.  Then along comes Lesley Hazelton who read the Quran and says it ain’t so.  Also according to her, unlike certain other ancient texts, the Quran speaks specifically of both genders. Muhammad talks of “believing men” & “believing women” “honorable men” and “honorable women” and actually says you SHOULDN’T kill infidels. She says “paradise” is described more than thirty times in the Quran (“the recitation”) as a “walled garden watered by a stream”.  Not “Sodom in the Sky”

It seems every time you examine a “war on terror” claim it evaporates.  This one floats away charmingly at the hands and British accent of Lesley Hazelton, a woman with much more knowledge about the Quran than most English speakers. Oh well, I’m sure the NEXT scary thing they tell us will be true.


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