(More or less) Seriously comparing Dennis Rodman, ML King and …


“No, I am not going 10,000 miles to help murder, kill, and burn other people to simply help continue the domination of white slavemasters over dark people the world over. This is the day and age when such evil injustice must come to an end.”  – Muhammad Ali

The New York Times, FoxNews, NPR et al throw hissy fits when celebrities refuse to hate on command.  The cash-filled bags of blow dry that read news-flavored press releases at us currently heap scorn and  ridicule upon Dennis Rodman for acting like there is no reason to heap scorn or ridicule upon North Korea.

We got no quarrel with Kin Jong Un.  Rodman thinks it’s just fine to visit a country that has never done or threatened anything harmful to the US.  Not being a professional war apologist he has the loony idea that visiting places he’s never seen and meeting people he does not know is good.  Rodman’s apparent belief, like King and Ali’s embrace of the anti-vietnam war movement is a ruinously foolish notion that mush be met with hoots and abuse because it risks killing the mean world chimera.

The US does not now nor as it ever faced any threat to it’s territory or resources or political system – at least from outside the country. No one has ever or ever wanted to do to us what we regularly do to other people, overthrow their governments and occupy their lands.  We have no enemies, certainly no military ones.  Al Qaeda and the Taliban just want us to stop invading and killing.  So to justify a trillion dollars of military spending every year, we must all just agree that there are threats “out there”.  No matter how small, poor, far away or nonviolent a country is when the geniuses in DC declare its government is “hostile” or an “enemy” good American are expected to stand and snarl.  No matter how obvious, overwhelming and empirical the evidence to the contrary, we must all agree that, “The king DOES TO have clothes”! And brook no dissent from the point.

Then come knuckleheads like Rodman, King and Ali who did not get the “don’t think for yourself” memo.  These guys look at the world, then behave as if, in identifying enemies,  the US political and mediatocracy have a seventy-year history of perfect wrong.  In our lifetimes the most reliable indicator that a foreign government poses no threat and intends no harm to the US is a declaration by the US government and press that is does.

Thanks for reminding us Dennis.

Dr. King\’s Error (New York Times editorial, April 7, 1967).


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