MatterNet – Helpful Drones that will make us safer


Three D printers, why not an Internet for stuff?  Al Gore’s great gift delivers small packets of information (often in the form of porn) to our homes and devices via a series of hubs and nodes around digital world.  MatterNet aims to do the same thing physically (without the porn).  At  Google’s “Solve for X” conference last year the creators of MatterNet, without giggling, discussed their plan to create a network of small pilotless aircrafts to deliver small packages to and from the one billion people who live in lands roadless for part or all of the year.  It’s designers say the cost to transport a 2kilogram package of medicine, antibiotics, water purifier – whatever – a distance of 10 kilometers will be 24 cents – one squirt of water enhancer!  Compare that to $80,000 per Hellfire missile.  Which expenditure will do more to make friends, influence people and build peace?   For which would America rather be known?


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