Everywoman – The Veil

Surprise, surprise there are as many reasons women cover themselves as there are women.  Some are criminals in hiding, some want to please their boyfriends, some think it will help them find the right kind of husband, some want to avoid being constantly hit on, some are religious, some just like being covered but my impression from this short doc is for the most part women put on the hijab and/or niqab and/or jilbab because the are born into or somehow become part of a community wherein modesty is the norm. 

This t-shirt gives me hope

I find this image hopeful because it gives me compassion for people who commit acts of sadistic violence. I deeply sympathize with the Gazans AND completely identify with this wearer. I know from sadism. Don’t we all?  Who didn’t feel a thrill watching the Death Star blow up or Agent Smith disintegrate? I have felt the exquisite joy of inflicting punishment upon my deserving pets, children and wives. When Dirty Harry says, “Make my day” he means, “give me the opportunity to free myself from the behavioral constraints of my prefrontal cortex and let me indulge (for once) my basest instinct for violence. Let me be an animal for just a few seconds.” I remember the fun, during the first gulf war of hearing the FedEx parody, “the b-52 bomber, when it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight.”

Seeing this shirt and identifying with it reminds me of my inner violent oppressor and thus makes other perps less monstrous and me feel more humanely toward them. Voltaire mocked, ‘Tout comprendre, c’est tout pardonner.’ “To understand all is to forgive all”. I agree but with delight.  The guy in this image is no more a natural born killer than me. He, like the Gazans whose lives he so damaged, is just another poor slob born into circumstances not of his making, having reactions he can not possibly understand and subject a massively sophisticated campaign to harden his heart and awaken his inner Voldemort. The kind of campaign we’d hope civilized societies would eschew. Nonetheless there he/we is.

This image gives me hope b/c the sentiment it expresses is clear, unambiguous and easily recognizable.  It makes a fabulous target at which to aim the best angels of my nature.

Shocking and Horrific Footage: Zionist Crimes Against Jewish People

Aaron Freeman:

NK are a very small group with very little support among mainstream Jews. Does that mean they shouldn’t be able to demonstrate?

Originally posted on Occupied Palestine | فلسطين:

Zionist Israeli Thugs are beating up and using tasers on members of the Orthodox Neturei Karta.

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protesting the desecration of graves by a highway construction project near Haifa were attacked and brutally beaten by private security guards hired by the Ministry of Transportation.

The group, known for being outspokenly critical of the State of Israel and its very existence were peacefully demonstrating at the time. This attack follows a long history of violence against the Orthodox Jewish community.

Consistent with fundamental Jewish beliefs, some of these protesters often take part in demonstrations, side by side with Palestinians, against the State of Israel and its inhuman policies toward the Palestinian people.” The apparent strategy of using organized violence through private security personnel against these peaceful protesters is only one of many tactics used by the State of Israel to intimidate and discourage further protests. The police were nowhere…

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Animal rights activists have drained $1.7 billion from SeaWorld’s market value since last July

Aaron Freeman:

Wow I guess this is good. Why am I not happy?

Originally posted on Quartz:

SeaWorld Entertainment has mimicked its beloved performing whale, Shamu, taking a deep dive: its stock plunged as much as 35% after the company posted ugly second-quarter results (pdf) and lowered revenue forecasts for the full year.

The company said annual revenue is expected to fall by as much as 7%; revenue in the second quarter fell 1.5% from the same period last year to $405.2 million. Attendance was up a scant 0.3% to 6.6 million visitors, who on average spent less than visitors in last year’s second quarter.

CEO Jim Atchison attributed the weak results to animal rights campaigns and negative media attention. The company, which has 11 US theme parks including three SeaWorlds and two Busch Gardens, has come under close scrutiny over the treatment of its killer whales. PETA and other activists (paywall) have been protesting the alleged effects of captivity, targeting the theme park. Judging by SeaWorld’s market value…

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Israel attacked civilians, but we targeted military sites: Al-Qassam Brigades Hamas’ military wing calls Israel’s offensive ‘dirty’ for targeting Palestinians homes and suggests attacks against Tel Aviv will continue until occupation ends

Israel attacked civilians, but we targeted military sites: Al-Qassam Brigades
Hamas’ military wing calls Israel’s offensive ‘dirty’ for targeting Palestinians homes and suggests attacks against Tel Aviv will continue until occupation ends – http://go.shr.lc/1r1wWnh