Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Glenn Beck, and other ugliness continues to surround Bill Cosby · Newswire · The A.V. Club

Maybe if I close my eyes it will all go away.  Somehow let’s none of it be true. But his shows are still sold out and funny.  Is that a good thing?


Earlier this week, Bill Cosby made clear he “does not intend to dignify” the many allegations against him—a promise he has so far fulfilled by hiring attorney Marty Singer, whose response had so far ensured that complete lack of dignity. After sending one of his trademark threatening letters to BuzzFeed, suggesting that the site and anyone else publishing stories from Cosby’s alleged accusers was placing themselves in peril of legal prosecution, Singer has now released another, much lengthier statement blasting those women and the media. Like so many of Singer’s missives, it’s grating, confusing in parts, and no one is looking forward to seeing it. He is quickly becoming the Leonard Part 6 of lawyers.

What To Do (And Not Do) When Someone Asks for Different Gender Pronouns

Back in the day you insulted “a negro” or “colored person” by calling her “black”.  Most offensive of all was (and still may be) “black nigger.”  Nowadays, for some of my friends “he” or “she” is the new “black”.  The folks over at Everyday Feminism have some helpful hints for navigating the gender pronoun minefield.



ISS Sunrise – NASA, Johnson Space Center

As the sun rises or sets, its rays travel through the thin layer of the atmosphere which acts as a prism causing ‪#‎ISS‬ to transition quickly through colors, dominated by orange.

Circling Earth at 17,500 miles per hour (28,000 kilometers per hour) every 92 minutes, the crew members aboard the International Space Station “experience 15 or 16 sunrises and sunsets every day,” – To which sunrise would an observant Jewish astronaut make morning (shacharit) prayers?

The Neo-Knights of the KKK?

The image is fake but it is apparently true that John Abarr of the Montana KKK sat down with Montana NAACP leader Jimmy Simmons.  Abarr, described as a “former white supremacist” now says he wants to form a new, more inclusive branch of the Klan.   If it true, wouldn’t that be sooo cool?  If former Alabama governor George Wallace could go from “Segregation forever” to winning 80% of the black Alabama vote for governor a few years later.  How can we think anything impossible?GayKlan

Montana’s New Ku Klux Klan: Jews, Blacks, And Gays Welcome!

As first reported by the Great Falls Tribune, former White Supremacist John Abarr is allegedly in the process of inaugurating the “Rocky Mountain Knights” – a Klan offshoot that encourages membership regardless of race, religion and sexuality, united in their efforts to combat the “New World Order” being imposed by the federal government. The shift comes after an unprecedented sit-down between Abarr and members of the NAACP over the summer.

The KKK is for a strong America,” Abarr told the Tribune. “White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan.”  more